The Way, The Truth, The Life

General Information
Difficulty: Easy
Voicing: Unison-Two Part
Season: Easter
Age Group: Adult
Style: General

Creator Dennis Allen
Creator Nan Allen



From Dennis and Nan Allen comes The Way, the Truth, the Life a new Easter musical that reflects how Christ is all things to us... our Way, our Truth and our Life. Through Scripture-based narration and songs both new and familiar, we walk through the final days of Christ's life, His death, and resurrection. We sit at the Passover table with the disciples and learn that Christ is The Way to eternal communion with the Father and the Son. We go to the garden and learn that we only understand what Christ does for us through The Truth. And we stand at the empty tomb and witness why He is The Live! We celebrate all that He is!

This musical provides several presentation options. It may be presented in its entirety, using one or two readers to present the meaningful narrative between songs. As an alternative, the songs are usable individually for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday (or other communion times), Good Friday, and Easter morning.

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